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hobo time was now; then; a river of bass

Life is absolutely nuts. Wonderful weekend, with understanding (and encouraging) family, relaxing, a vacation I kinda needed to help me feel a little less of a failure. But first, for you FFVII fans: Feffiroff!! Thank you, Alex :)

My mom bought me a black macbook. It is <3 <3 computer <3. Love in a box. My best friend. My life. I require it for absolutely everything. And it's purply-blue now :) Thanks, mom. And yes, my life has become pretty pathetic.... lulz.

Researchy-work this term has been..... reeally draining. And hard. And I've spent most of it confused, poring over busted matlab code. And my prof's been disappointed because I haven't got as much done as I should be able to. Half of the problem is that I haven't been able to concentrate very much, and I can't figure out why. So that's been very hobo. And there's so much other work I need to do too, but I don't have the time. Or rather, I can't get enough done with my time lately. sigh.

I'm trying to get fixed. Awesome friends are awesomely helpful for that I find. And at least I have macbook now :)

I'm actually kinda excited to be moving (from the "comfy++ apartments" with alfedenzo to the "Kinderhaus" with g4c9z; although he probably doesn't know it yet!). That will happen later this month, although it's not tooootally confirmed (but I think math_foo has confirmed). I dunno why, maybe just the change of scene will help. Moving excites me; sleeping in a different spot. We'll see.

Easter turkey is splendiferous. While incidentally downtown I popped by kousu's place but he wasn't home but his housemate let me in to use the bathroom which was super-nice :)

I have applied for M.CM! We'll see how that goes!! Here's hoping :) I almost didn't apply but then Ali talked me into it. And Prabhakar gave me a reference which is super-awesome-nice. I hope I hope I hope it works. But I'm not counting on it. But just getting references makes me feel like much less of a hobo.

Driving back to uw tomorrow. Hopefully noone else remembers the past week, or two. I'm trying not to. I'm looking forward to some refreshing de-hobo-ification.

WCF stuff is freaking nuts. But I think progress is actually being made. It feels kinda nice, after struggling for so long...... I just hope it works. There's still so much I want to get done on that end... and I'll feel pretty crummy if it all results in nil.

This was a terrible blog post. But it'll have to do for now. Happy Easter, all who care.
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