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So much has happened, so this is mostly a catchup-post. For my own sake, really, I guess.

I'm moved into the "kinderhaus" which is happy. Prof. Ali had enough funding magically to hire me back for the summer, so I'm once again (and for the last freakin' time!) doing a Stats RA for him. Hopefully this means I can get some closure with at least some of our projects so I can kiss it all behind me and move on with my life. I'm also working part-time for the Psych dept. which is going really well too; fixing bad perl scripts and writing bad c++ code :) So life is busy but actually productive, so I'm feeling a lot less like a hobo. I've gotten mostly into a schedule, that involves sleep and work and exercise and even *gasp* cooking (sorta). I feel like I'm finally (sllowwllyy) becoming who I want. I guess. :S

Visited Ottawa the weekend before last, got to visit Nikki which always makes for insightful convo and tea. And went bowling with Katie and Robin and Momma-T-Lisa which was random and crazyfun. What was said at the table, stays at the table! I can't wait to go back, which will happen for Canada Day at the latest. Road trip anyone? ;)

I'm with Dee now which is groovacious. She got me into Heroes, but I was disappointed by the finale (no hardcore boss fight! waah)

Now that I'm getting paid more I'm gonna pick up a new pair of rollerblades! YaaY! It will be just like in Hackers ftlolz.

I might have broken my finger today by smashing it into a fat pipe I was trying to jump and grab onto. It's all swollen and purple :D

These days I'm listening to Hole, Kate Bush, Crystal Method, and a bunch of random indie my dad gave me. If that makes any sense at all. But kousu pushed me in love with Secret Mommy - Kool Aid River.

WCF is on my mind a lot. Everything is sooo... political, which seems a tragedy. I thought things were getting a lot better, but today I realized again how so many ppl in our group are still fairly in the dark about what's been going on and don't know what to make of anything. Meeting tomorrow... hopefully it helps stuff get better. Hopefully people don't give up :S hope hope hope...

Nevertheless, this coming weekend is the WCF camping retreat. Man that's gonna be awesome, just to disappear for a while. If I can go at all. I'm pretty sure I'll go.

Meh! Random post. I shuppose that's it, for now.
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