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rollerblades = luv

I finally have some rollerblades! I'm soo happy and excited about them. I'm pretty bad at skating still but I'm not as terrible as I thought I'd be. My new K2's are much better than the old pair I used to have, so I'm still getting used to trusting them to go over bumps smoothly etc. Anyway, it's much faster to get to campus now :)

Stuff is busy. I want to code webapps. I've been very appreciative of the videos at the YUI Theatre, and watching them instead of doing my work. Work is going okay.... but I should be trying to find a real job. I love my current hobo-jobs though.

I love summer. The weather makes me soooo happy. And rollerblading :D

Mr. Tenty pointed me to the Ontario electoral reform referendum magic thingy happening that I hadn't heard about. Propaganda site here. You'll get to vote yay-or-nay for the proposed system in October's provincial ballot. I'm probably going to be against, but it will take me a while to figure out enough of the system to have an opinion either way. I'll probably post a rant about it here sometime.

If you do go to that site, though, be sure to check out Billy Ballot! (warning: flash)

Also after a discussion with Mr. Tenty, I really want to use Fuse to hack in transparent opt-in file versioning into my filesystems... sigh, how come versioning wasn't taken up by the mainstream filesystems many years ago?

*shrug* And now, I must try and finish my Perl hacks for Psych people.. because I told myself that was due today. And I have a meeting in the morning where I'd like to present some performance metrics on my NMF LSA IR system.... but they don't work yet. eeks!
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